Information gps

Anyone knows if this chip also comes with a tracking application in real time ?

Location tracking? None of the chips sold here can be tracked by GPS.

Furthermore, I am not aware of any RFID tag that is location tracked by gps.

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What is this chip?

But as @Backpackingvet said, there is no implant with GPS capabilities, there all very short range.

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Which is the best implant on the market ? And what could I do with or use it for ?

Best depends on your usecases. Each one is good at its own set of things. This is a good overview:


Thank you for your help,I m asking because I ve always loved technology,but i don t know how I could use it what options I have.could you give me an idea of how I could use it ?


You can unlock doors, start your vehicle, log in to your computer or phone, use it as a password for websites like this forum, share contact information with people, program series of tasks into your phone whenever you scan, flash blinky lights, and pick up magnetic objects.

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Won’t lie, this thread started out with me expecting some government tracking chip question. Glad to see it didn’t go that way! :sweat_smile:


We’re not through yet…