Inside the Ring!

Does anyone have an x-ray or other teardown of the ring? Curious how it’s made! Thanks.

I would be interested to see for the magic ring whether they are using a custom antenna attached to the chip or if they have small mifare classic and t5577 inlays

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The magic ring sold by DT is two separate inlay antennas, one on each side.

I’ve seen others like single chip payment rings where there’s a long thin rectangular flex PCB with the flip chip attached in the center and covered with potting compound. The antenna traces travel the length of the PCB all the way to the edge, then on the top of one side and the bottom of the other the copper is exposed so you can solder the strip together in a ring shape. Because of that one PCB can address a variety of ring sizes.

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Do you know the source of the mifare classic inlay on a magic ring? It would work really well for something I want to make.

Nah unfortunately. I don’t do any of the sourcing for the magic MIFARE stuff. You basically need to negotiate with suppliers in China through Alibaba or something. Domestically supplier are too afraid of the sale platforms like Amazon and eBay bowing to pressure from NXP and removing their listings or closing their seller accounts.

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