Installation of two x-series

Would installing a second transponer into one hand, in sort of a “V” in the webbing between the thumb and index finger be a problem?

It’s not the best idea… we suggest at least 5mm space between tags. If you do decide to do this, ensure they are different frequencies (like an xEM and xNT).

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A good friend of mine has both the xEM and xNT side by side in one hand. There is a good 5-6mm between them and we have seen no performance issues. Seriously only recommend this if you have someone to install for you that has done this before as it seems tricky to get the placement right.

To further add to Amal’s point - I wouldn’t do this with two implants of the same frequency. It WILL DEFINITELY cause issues!

I agree with both. After having posted this question, I performed some tests with
two 125KHz fobs and came to the same conclusion.

Also using an HID Multi-Class reader, which can read both 125KHz and 13.56MHz and using
a Combo Card, the reader is not too reliable. if approached slowly, it will first read the 125KHz,
if in turn you approach it rapidly, it will read the 13.56MHz instead.



Good point! If you have any need to interact with a multi frequency reader you have no way of reliably controlling what is read first. Apart from figuring out techniques like the above.