Installation was a success!

After a month of research. I am happy to announce myself chipped! My NExT came in about a week ago, and I had the implant professionally installed a few hours ago. Since then, I have already successfully cloned an HID keycard to it.

The installer apparently had never installed an injectable chip, but rather ones that required incisions and all sorts of other scary things. He was so impressed with the simplicity and design of the product. Ill wait a few weeks to make sure everything heals correctly, and if thats the case ill reach out to him about getting added to the installer map.

I wont be going to the office till Monday, but i’ll be sure to update on how well everything works. Huge thanks to everyone whos helped me so far.

Out of curiosity, my installation cost about $200. I have no body mod experience, but that seemed reasonable. What was the cost of installation for some of you?




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:+1: Good idea

Yeah, that seems fine for an x-series, albeit a little high. I’d say average is $100-150, especially depending on what state you’re in. I’ve heard of some installers charging $300, but that’s high IMO. My installer happened to do 3 implants for $100, but that’s exceptionally cheap (and I don’t think he does them for that price anymore).


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This can vary substantially from Piercer to piercer, city to city, country to country.

If that is USD , Personally I would call that pretty high for a simple NExT install, but if you are happy to pay that, then there is no issue.

I just read @darthdomo post, I would agree, I think fo an xSeries 3 for $100 would be pretty fair.

ie. One sitting, multiple installs, shorter time, less materials…

I think “What is their time worth”, how long did it take, what is fair for them, what is fair for me…if you are both happy, then the price is right.

Americans have that ridiculous tipping system, did you tip ontop of the install price? What would be the expected percentage?


LOL. I did tip on top of the install price. 15%. In the moment I just added it because I really liked the guy.

For most things you tip for, average is 20-25%. I didn’t go that high because he literally used none of his materials to do the installation other than gloves and some paper towels to clean up blood.

Glad it worked out well for you! :slight_smile:

Bodmod prices seem to vary wildly from country to country…
I’d usually say if the artist does good work and you’re happy, any price you’re willing to pay is okay :wink:

I paid 250,- € for my flexNExt install and I was totally okay with that, but 300,- for an injectable is pretty high I think.
I had my XSIID and xEM installed by my local piercer, and he was even hesitant to charge anything at all, because I brought in all needed materials. I paid 25,- € or so for each, so I guess that was very cheap - but that might be because I am visiting that guy very regularly for the last 15 years or so :smile:


3 Day Update. First test

Absolute success! First day back to the office, and the NExT implant works like a charm. Some readers only require a wave of a hand, others require direct contact. Regardless, the implant worked on all 3 terminals required for entry.

Overall inflammation and pain are quite low. I work out several times a week with heavy weight, during the first session I could feel slight ticks of pain as the implant moved, but since then no issues. The implant has moved a bit closer to the bone and a bit deeper as the healing process progresses.

I think I’m in the minority when it comes to how quickly I was able to use my implant. I was able to copy data over within a few hours. I’m pretty confident this is partly due to the installation. The installer did a phenomenal job and I couldn’t be happier with my implant. I’ll be contacting him today about being added to the map. When I have a bit more free time I’ll begin to utilize the HF part of my NExT. But till then im happy with seamless access to my building