Installer in Georgia USA

I’ve called every parlor I can find in Georgia and have gotten everything from its illegal or immoral to a very spooky ‘we cant discuss that’. Nearest to me is the 4.5 hour drive to Tennessee that id rather not do. Any help?

Edit : Its for a NExT implant.

Yeah, this is taking us a while to get you stabby stabbed…

I just checked the biohacking map, wnd nothing close

Dude, if it were me, I would be trying in person.

I would start with these guys.
Maybe they are just not happy with over the phone.

Go fully prepared with documentation (links below) Videos (links below) and your NExT with all the install equipment.

How to approach a professional DT Info

Here is a VERY informative FAQ about x-Series implants, some of which is covered below. But it is recommend you read these FAQs.

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

Another option for you to consider, A doctor, nurse, military medic, Ambulance officer or even a Veterinarian would be able to but they will likely take more convincing… do you have any friend, friend of friend, family, extended family in those medical fields?


I am in north Georgia. I could personally not find anyone up here to do a titan. Tho it is not needle injected. I checked in nc and only jax from apex tatoos responded. He is only willing to do needle injections but that should work for you. I got mine done by done by Leo in Orlando and could not recommended him enough, man did a great job. All my friends are uncool but like pilgrim said many try them?

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Yeah… calling is the issue. Check the guide;