Installer in the NYC Tristate Area

Hey guys, I’m in Brooklyn, NY and am interested in getting a few implants. I was very surprised to see only one shop on the map, that actually does not exist anymore (it was renamed and it appears the contact person does not work there anymore).

Anyone have an idea where I can go to get these implants installed professionally?

Thanks for your help! :smiley:

covid is creating havoc with the partner map. i’m sure over time things will become more stable, but for now i think you will need to approach unlisted professionals in your area. To do that, we strongly suggest you follow these steps;

He still exists, just at a private studio. I got a magnet from him yesterday. You have to email him to get an appt.


Thanks for this information! I was assuming he was gone based on this and other threads!

Yeah he answers via email, been working with him to secure a date/time for an install but am having issues due to my current work travel schedule.

How do we go about updating the map with updated information?

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Amal can do this for you. Orange floaty help bubble?

How the fuck did I miss this? You may have just saved me from waiting for covid to be over to install my titan!

I’m in upstate NY so it’s still a bit of a drive for me but better than canada…

By the way, may I ask how the magnet went and how much he chrged for the install?

Got a Spark 2, NeXT and HF xLED installed by Brian today. Great guy, reach out to him via email. He made a small incision and inserted the implants instead of using the included needle. Highly recommend you check him out for an install.

I’ll update the info in the new map when it is launched.

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