Installer near Seattle

I’m looking at an installer for a NExT near Seattle but have been having trouble finding one. I tried the partner listed but it sounds like the guy who would do it is no longer at the shop. I got a name from them though of someone who would (John at Evolve) but when I called Evolve I was pretty much just told that it was illegal for them to do it.

If anyone has any leads or alternative contact methods I’d appreciate it as I’d rather not have to travel to another state.

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have you tried either of these?

Gumby at Hidden Entity Tattoo


Vancouver BC
Russ Foxx

He’s not on the Installer List but I had Matt from Evergreen Body Mod in Puyallup install the 3 of mine. Paradox, the one on the list that I’m guessing you’re talking about, doesn’t do them anymore, they lost the guy that used to do them. If you want I can DM you a picture of his card and a picture of what mine look like. It’s been about a month or so since I had mine installed, eveything is working great, I told him he needs to get on the list, there’s business to be had, lol. Don’t know how far you are from Puyallup, for me it’s like 10 minutes away.

I tried to reach out to Gumby but sounds like he is out of town for a bit so figured I’d wait. Russ is a bit far for me, but is probably my fallback if I can’t find anyone else. When/if I do a flex in the future though, he will probably be towards the top of my list.

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Yeah, Paradox is the one I reached out to originally. I knew Sean had moved, but I wasn’t sure if his wife did them as she is at least still listed there. That being said, they were friendly. I hadn’t run across Matt, but Puyallup isn’t too far (less then an hour which is definitely doable). If you wouldn’t mind DMing me his info that would be awesome. Right now I’m just getting one but if it goes well and I enjoy using it as much as I think I will, there will probably be at least two more in my future.

Sent, lemme know if you need anything else, happy to help.

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Did you have any luck with Matt? I’m also looking for an installer…

Talk to John at Evolve.


Thanks to the recommendations here, I also had Matt at Evergreen Body Mod do mine last week. He was great: easy to schedule with and the installation went very smoothly. I had also reached out to John at Evolve, and they wanted to schedule a paid in-person consultation before discussing pricing or scheduling the actual installation. By comparison, Matt was super upfront about everything over the phone, and the whole process was a breeze.

The only thing I’d note is that Evergreen Body Mod is a cash-only shop, which they forgot to mention when I booked my appointment. Just a good thing to know so you don’t have to make a run to the bank when you get there.

Matt is working on getting on the official installer list/map, but in the meantime, I’m posting his contact info here (with his permission) in case anyone else wants to get in touch with him.