Installer Recommendations and Proxmark3 question

Hey everyone! I recently decided I want to get a RFID implant. I will be using it in place of my work badge. After much research I determined the xEM is what I need. I went ahead and ordered the implant and a Proxmark3 RDV4 with the “Blue Shark” module and the “ProxLF” Antenna. While I’m waiting for everything to arrive I figured it would be a good time to start looking for a local installer. Unfortunately there isn’t any installers on the partner map in my area. Before I start contacting shops to find a place I thought I would ask here to see if anyone in the same area has any recommendations or knows of a place that does implants. I am located in the Lehigh Valley. I also seem to be having trouble finding the procedure for setting a password on the xEM and protecting the chip from accidental or malicious overwrites using the Proxmark3. Any help with these would be appreciated!

Looks like you covered all the bases there. Not cheap, but very wise.

One word of advice: since it’s LF, it’s programmable and testable while still inside the needle. I suggest you get it all setup and tested before implanting it. There’s always a chance of bricking a T5577, even with a ProxLF, and it’s preferable that it fail outside of your body rather than inside, if it must.

Good luck with your search!

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Another thing: the BlueShark module isn’t ideal in LF mode. For historical reasons, the Proxmark3 transfers all the data raw over the serial link when it works in LF (the computer client doing the heavy lifting). The BT serial link is really kinda slow for that. I suggest you use it with a USB cable for LF.


That is the plan. I am concerned about the possibility of a tear event, so to minimize risk I decided to go with the Proxmark and implant specific antenna.

Noted. I haven’t heard this before. Is it safer to use usb due to the lack of tear protection on the xEM? I wanted the ability to reprogram when traveling or when I am without access to a computer if necessary, but if it increases risk I will save it for non implant related things.

I had to google where that is, but good news is, you have a Forum member in Pennsylvania that will definitely be able to point you in the right direction and also very capable and knowledgeable with a ProxMark if you get stuck

Pssst @Satur9

Also, there was somebody else, in West Pennsylvania, and they were born and Raised there, but they may be too busy to help because On the playground was where he spends most of his days.
In fact if I recall correctly, he got in one little fight and his mom got scared
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So actually he won’t be able to help, but @Satur9 will


I don’t think it’ll hurt anything if you use it over bluetooth - although there’s always the (remote) possibility of data corruption due to the wireless link, especially if it gets disconnected in the middle of an operation.

It would be a problem if the transaction with the chip is timing-dependent. But programming the T5577 is essentially just the PM3 blasting the commands to the chip. So no issues there. It’s just really slow over the BT link.

And since I’m at it: if you use Linux, PLEASE in the name of all that’s holy, remove modemmanager from your system if you use the BlueShark, else the likelihood of trashing your chip - or even your PM3 if you update the firmware - becomes very real indeed.

By the way, HF operations are handled by the PM3 itself, so the BT connection works dandy in HF.

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Hey @Byte

I live down by West Chester. I have some family up in Bethlehem though. If you want some info on an installer let me know and I’ll PM you the details. I’d also be down to meet up at some point if you want to go over proxmark stuff or you just wanna chat about cyborg stuff. There’s a place called the colony meadery in Pottstown that I’ve been looking for an excuse to go back to. They have a shop that’s set up like a little tasting bar that I bet we could set up in for a bit to get some cloning done.


I second that. I can never get a good read with my BT module on my LF implants.

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Good to know, thanks!


That would be great! Thank you