Installers in Dublin, Ireland?

Has anyone from Dublin had any luck in finding someone to install implants? I’ve been trying to, but haven’t anyone yet…

@Aemun or @MouSkxy MIGHT have an insight for you

Sadly I wasn’t able to find someone. The only person listed on the DT map up north has actually moved back to the UK.

In the end, I just researched it as much as I could and did it myself. For the more complex stuff I’ll probably go to the continent to do it. I have family living in CZ so I’d just make a holiday of it :smile:

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We’ve tried to get a installer there but unfortunately none to date

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I done most of them myself or got my friends/family to help me and everything went smooth. Recently I got two LED implants put in around a tattoo and I asked the tattoo artist/ body piercer to do it for me because i needed the accuracy as I wanted them places under the edge of the tattoo. He was happy to do them thought it was cool but thatt was down in Galway