Installers in Ohio?

That’s a pretty decent drive…

Glad it worked out well for you :+1:

He’s a great guy.

I’ve been trying to take advantage of the free supercharging I got since I bought a Tesla at the end of last year when they were giving all new owners a free year. So I’ve been taking every opportunity to make a weekend trip out somewhere that’s not irresponsible in regards to the pandemic. Figured after a year of holding on to these implants I might as well say screw it and make it one of those trips.

Pirate was an awesome guy though, super helpful about everything in regards to the install and just seemed like a cool person in general.

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Got any contact details? I’m in northern Michigan and want to have my Titan installed and the only installer I’ve seen on the map that looks like they may do it is in Indiana.

Give Fenton tattoo and piercing a call
Ask for Thomas l

He doesn’t personally do scalpel work last a checked, due to Michigan body mod laws

But he is crafty and could probably use a needle, also he specifically mentioned he had a guy up in traverse city when I was looking at the flexnext


Thanks for the Info!