Installing the titan

So I received my titan today and I’m so excited and wish I had waited instead of being impatient but, I was wondering, would I be able to replace my other magnet with the titan or do I need to find a whole new spot?

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your xg3 is in your knife edge, right? I would not remove it to put your titan in its place. I would suggest a fingertip install for the titan. :slight_smile:

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So as per usual I’m impatient as I said and I had a Steve Haworth magnet in my fingertip that was installed like 2 weeks ago if even that long but I decided to go in and replace it with the titan

How smooth of an install was it? I have a Haworth almost 2yrs old so aren’t in a rush to remove until the coating fails. Was your pocket already the correct size for the titan to “drop in” install?


It was pretty smooth the hardest part was just getting the opening big enough to get the magnet out, for me the pocket was large enough to fit the titan.

Glad it went smooth for you, I haven’t noticed any field strength decline; the same type-A → type-C adapter wire I used as a test for the heaviest I can lift, I can still lift 2yrs later.

Would have been cool to compare the field strengths between the two magnets but 2wks probably wasn’t long enough for any kind of meaningful nerve growth

Surprisingly I went to type on my laptop just now and can sense it pretty much just as well if not better than yesterday so this is definitely a pleasant surprise.

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Your poor finger. Glad it worked out though