Interference with chip?

I recently purchased a flexNExT. I’d like to have it implanted in the back of my hand. However, I have a screw in my wrist from a surgery I had years ago. The surgeon “forgot” to put the head of the screw flush with the bone so it does protrude a bit. Anyway, I’m curious if the screw will cause an interference with the implant. I believe the screw is made of titanium, though I’m not completely positive.

Also, if anyone can suggest a trusted body mod artist on the west cost, preferably the bay area, although I am willing to travel anywhere from L.A. to Seattle. Prost!


If that helps, I just tried reading my as-yet unimplanted FlexM1 with my ACR122U to determine the normal range, then again with the FlexM1 flat against my knee that has a lot of metal bits only skin-deep (and not just screw heads). I could see no difference in range.

However, I can’t help but wonder if a flat disk like the FlexNExT would fare too well if I pressed it against the bump I feel over one of the screw heads in my knee. I mean it can bend in one direction only, and the screw head would force it to adopt a convex shape it can’t conform to.


Naa shouldn’t be an issue

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