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So I just purchased my first product right now and could not be more excited for it to arrive. One question, I took the free shipping option because my order was over $150. I think I saw on the shipping webpage that if your order qualifies for free shipping internationally then DHL Express will be used. Is that correct?

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Yes DHL express is used basically for all international shipping because covid has destroyed basically every other option.

Thanks for this amal, I am in Italy for another month and just ordered my NExT chip for implant while I’m here. I wasn’t sure until I saw DHL… Really hoping the order gets here in time :slight_smile:

@ismaildoc do you remember how long this took you to receive internationally?

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If I remember correctly, it was about a week or 2. Mines was shipped to South Africa, which from a lot of other online orders, usually is a bit longer for me than people in Europe. I wouldn’t stress too much if you going to get it or not. DHL Express is quite quick

the record was:
3 days from the USA to Austria


Looks like it’s in customs now!

Sorry if it’s a dumb question but hopefully it helps others like me who don’t know how this international shipping process with customs works… but DHL is asking my for a VAT number or tax code. I’m not an EU citizen so is this just my US SSN? I can’t find anything on this online.

Edit: My social security number is not able to be used in the DHL form.

You are not a bussines so no need for vat number

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Thank you for replying DevilClarke,
this was my original understanding of how the VAT number works… But DHL sent me this email with the link to this accompanying form which requires a properly formatted VAT number to be submitted. I contacted DHL to explain my issue. I’ll post an update if I’m able to resolve the issue.

Email From DHL


Just a quick google,


Click here to download the English language form Fiscal Code (English)

Click here to download some information in English Instruction for fiscal code (English)
Have a read through this

This blog post has some info, specifically this bit, sounds like it may be the correct process
“If you do not have a residence in Italy does not compile the field C, but go directly to the field D”

I don’t know how long it takes to get the code, and I hope you find an easier option

good luck

Maybe some Itallian locals may be able to help further

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Thanks for the reply Pilgrimsmaster,

I’ve heard getting this number can take some time but I will put in the application anyways (I may be living out here for a while so this could come in handy). I will keep everyone posted in case someone has to go through something similar!

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For private citizens using DHL they will require an EORI number. For businesses, they require a VAT (and possibly a EORI as well). I explained I was a US citizen with no VAT or EORI and DHL gave me two options.

Long Term Option:
Respond to an authorization email and DHL will apply for the EORI number for me as a private person. This will take a few extra days for the application to be granted, but does not cost me anything.

I can also have an updated invoice addressed to an Italian citizen who has an Italian Tax Code.

The updated invoice would be the faster option. I emailed DT responding to the emailed invoice that was sent to me to see if this is something we can do.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: I’m keeping the past information up so that others may be able to find it if they run into a similar problem. My problem however seems to be solved. After discussing my issue with my host company, it seems they should have this number stored for me and they registered it as part of my visa and residency. I should get this taken care of by the end of the day today :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,
Just placed an order for a Walletmor implant.
Any idea, recent experience with U.K. delivery?
How long would it roughly take?



Sorry, I see nobody has replied yet, and I couldn’t leave you hangin’


I was hoping for answers like: “usually a week, but they are busy, so there is another week delay” :grinning:

Thanks Pilgrimsmaster!

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Is it still possible to have working Walmetmor implants in the UK due to MuchBetter canceling the accounts.

I think I’ve seen on Facebook that they were reimbursing UK customers.

It is, if you are citizen of certain countries, then you can sign up for an iCard account.

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