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Hi all Liam here, Had my implants put in over the weekend. on my left is the xEM on the right is my xNT. In my line of work we are always having to be issued key cards for the site we are working on you have to check them out in the morning and if they are all gone you are SOL and dependent on who ever has one to get around.

We can be on site for months dealing with this so I decided why not. I can just clone the card to my tag while I am on that site and rewrite it when I move on. Not to mention all the weird projects I do on the side to keep my mind occupied.I am a building automations and controls engineer out of Wa state so that encompasses a lot of weird that I do.


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Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the implants! Welcome to the club :grin:

Congratulations!!! Looks good! I use mine for access control and computer logins, one by one, Iā€™m converting everything over. My house is full of weird projects here too but I love it :grin:

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Have fun!