inVirtual for iOS Dev Update:

Hello guys I just want to announce I’m working on a app having a little bit trouble of Code right right now I don’t have screenshots not yet I just want you to guys tell you about what does it scan iPhone models it’s like a useless app I will release it on 2021 another thing it does scan Links other features I want to keep it a secret every three weeks I announce other features.


sounds good buddy! good luck!

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Thanks I have a lot to work on.

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Hey Awesome!

Glad that you have started that!

I look forward to your updates!

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The updates may be delay because I have family issues OK if you understand that I promise that I will be making an update it may be delay if you understood that.


I’m sure I will announce an update?


I like the confidence in that statement :+1:t4:


I want to announce I really don’t feel comfortable with the name can you give me ideas what should I name the app I want your opinions what should call The app give me some ideas please I want to be like futuristic?

Are you able to explain more clearly what the app will do?
That will make it easier to come up with a more fitting name.
Also, you could just use the one you have as a placeholder until you have a finished product, again this would make coming up with a more suitable name.

The app it’s all about scanning barcode it’s like app Clip like an example tell you like locations like this⬇️

basically is location and it will be about copy it’s another map A little bit futuristic and more features I will announce soon it may be a delay the features I will announce soon Okay.

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I think it will be easier to help you with some name suggestions, when you have a sample we can see functioning

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All right OK I will announce features soon it may be delayed if it’s right for you because right now I have family issues if you understand OK.

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Take your time

Yeah mate, sort out your family issues BEFORE your App

I will try my best to give more information to the form all right?

First can you wait like two hours to give you the update fast?

Sorry guys I Active I will start programming the app again I just was take a personal time hope you understand community in two day I will put an update OK

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I’m sorry I didn’t have access to my account that’s why I didn’t post the app detail.


Welcome back Hector.