iOS or Android NFC?

Hello community, I have always been on Android, but the truth is I care a lot about privacy and I see that with android I do not have it and there is no way to have it I am always tied to Google, I am thinking of changing to IOS, to Iphone, it seems that it maintains a little more privacy, but for me the most important thing about a smartphone is the NFC since I use it quite a bit, how about the IPHONE with the implants? with the Vivokey? with the NeXT? with xm1? Can you tell me if everything works correctly or if it gives problems?

I don’t know much about iOS and iPhones, but my understanding from what I read here is that NFC support is rather subpar compared to Android.

As for privacy, as Scott McNealy famously said over 2 decades ago, you have zero of it: get over it. If you go Apple, you’ll simply switch to being watched and monetized by Apple instead of Google - unless of course you drank the Apple kool-aid and you really believe they care about privacy.

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If you are really really into privacy, I would recommend you take a look at grapheneOS
I believe this is the best you could get.

As for the iPhones NFC performance, from what I hear it is far from optimal.


There is an app being developed for iOS 14 for the Vivokey, you’d want to get an iPhone XR or later. (I.E. iPhone X is not optimal) Mine reads my xNT just fine although it was difficult to find the correct read spot initially. I still recommend just going with a more secure android

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I second grapheneOS, my next telly will probably be a pixel with grapheneOS. And I wouldnt say that Apple is any more private, its just giving your data to a different company.

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