iPhone not actively searching for NFC?

The issue is likely to be swelling, even if you don’t see it. It normally takes about a fortnight for the wound to properly heal and the swelling to reduce sufficiently to be able to read the implant properly. Unfortunately you just have to be patient. There are plenty of posts on here about this.


Thank you for the clarification. Just wasn’t sure since I could write and read while within the app but can’t read outside of it. Cheers.

Probably has something to do with the power draw when actively scanning versus passively scanning. iPhones probably have their passive scanning on a lower setting to save battery (don’t quote me on this lol).

I know my iPhone’s case makes it hard to read my NExT implant passively, but scanning with the app is easier.

My work phone is an iPhone SE, and it does not constantly read. I have to use an app like NFC Tools to utilize the NFC functions on it. Which is why I’m currently advocating for the company to switch to Android or upgrade our iPhones lol

At least on older iPhone models, background scanning only worked with a URI record type (a website link)

Also have you seen iPhone NFC Scanning - YouTube

So I’ve played around with iPhones scanning a LOT lol (having an xSIID blinky helps)

iPhones have some weird idle states for the nfc

If you background scan more than twice, it enters a time out period of sorts

Along with only scanning every 30 seconds or so

I’ve noticed there are certain actions that will cause the nfc to be more active, screen on, loading home page

I believe there’s some tie in with the accelerometer when it notices the phone dip or tap into something, but I’m not 100% on this

The only way I seem to get it scan is right when I turn my phone on is does a quick scan. Other than that unless i’m being impatient and it waiting that 30 seconds for a background scan, it only scans when I turn my phone on.

The difference between iphone scanning and flipper zero is huge. Unfortunately, the iphone scans very shyly

Maybe somebody should be working on a cellular mod for the Flipper
:flipper: :iphone:


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How does your iPhone perform when using a deliberate scan tool like TagInfo where it puts up the scan pop-up? It sounds like you’re just talking about background scanning… which seems to be designed to be extremely low power to save on battery… which makes sense, that’s Apple’s approach to power management for pretty much everything… manage the hell out of it. I get that though… you wouldn’t want to be wasting a lot of power scanning for NFC tags on the phone is being used when there is a 0.00001% chance somebody actually is going to be presenting an NFC tag.

Active scans work immediately

I’ve always found that locking an unlocking the phone does a quick ping of the NFC scanner. If I want someone to scan my chip with an iphone I ask them to spam the lock/unlock a bit.


That’s what i’ve been doing as well.

With that, works perfectly. I am talking about specifically background scanning, which with the whole power management part, is understandable.

Really? Only seems to be when I turn my phone on or off.

Apple description on when NFC module is scanning, and when it’s not:

On devices that support background tag reading, the system automatically looks for nearby compatible tags whenever the screen is illuminated. After detecting and matching a tag with an app, the system shows a notification that the user can tap to send the tag data to the app for processing. Note that background reading is disabled when an NFC scanning sheet is visible, Wallet or Apple Pay are in use, cameras are in use, the device is in airplane mode, and the device is locked after a restart.


And you might be interested in what data can iPhone read without a special app — scroll to the “Use URL Schemes” section: Apple Developer Documentation


Good find. So basically the advice is still to use URI record types because they have a default app (Safari) on every iPhone

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Yeah, I was disappointed by the fact that iPhone can read WiFi settings from QR code, yet can’t read them from NFC tag 🥲

iphone’s ndef capabilities are severely lacking. luckily they seem to be wanting to address them in ios16 and provide more chip support with the upcoming iPhone which will allow for reading of more chipsets directly.

SMS, phone and URI are the only working ones rn :frowning:

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