Is anyone selling a LifeChip?

Shipping of xBT to my country is too expensive and seems like I can only order LifeChips from third-party sites in a box of 10pcs.
I wanted to ask if someone from Europe bought a whole box for himself, and can sell 1 piece.
P.S. If such topics are prohibited - please forgive me and delete the topic.

KSEC used to sell them, but are currently out of stock

@KaiCastledine are you getting more stock in for the Europeans?

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Last I was aware they weren’t anymore. DT haven’t let us know they were back in stock….

Will get some if able!

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Also if someone wants to buy a temperature implant - don’t buy this: Animal Guard's Bio-Thermo™ Microchips - Animal Guard
This is the only temp implant I found in EU, but there is no temperature (according to proxmark and FlipperZero), lol

have you attempded that?

edit: ok that does not work sry

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If you are in the EU you can try to get the BeUno from Dsruptive . You can read the temperature with your smartphone.
They ship it only to licensed piercer.


I’ve been thinking about it, but the price is a bit high for now. And reading a 134kHz implant would not be a problem for me - Flipper Zero conveniently does this.

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I wanted one of these, But refusing to ship it to me was a deal breaker.

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Same here.


That’s interesting, I enrolled in the beta program for BeUno, the place were I install my implants are in the partnership list, let’s see if I’ll be approved.

Would be nice to read with phone/flipper


You need the phone and the app to read the chip.