Is it possible it go to deep?

I have a NExT implant, i did the implant my self. Definitely not the smartest thing to do but I did.

I did it about a week ago, and though things have been healing fine, I’m starting to worry I may have went beneath my epidermis and dermis, instead of between.

I did the injection in the most common spot, between the index and thumb, while pushing the needle through I did feel tremendous pop, which made me start to blackout.

I’m an tattoo apprentice, and I’ve given myself many tattoos, alot. And never have I felt a pain so deadly.

That being said I never fully blacked out, but was experiencing ear ringing, tunnel vision, sweats, the whole nine, all while just after I felt the pop.

I placed the injection and followed everything to protocol, I lifted up on the needle as to get the implant to the top of the skin (guy suggests this in his video on YouTube)

After the implant was injected I had my wife escort me to the couch where I then proceeded to sweat like no other, shake, and tunnel vision. Again I never fully passed out. During this time I asked my wife to check and see if it was possible that I might have went to deep, she did a little bit of digging and kinda said that there was nothing that she could find said anything about going to deep. (One of the posts being on here, from what she said lol)

I have a feeling where my implant should be, but I cannot see it. I do sometimes get a sharp pain or something along those lines, but I took it as my literal needle wound healing, which even then my needle wound healed super quickly.

Upon touching it just less then 10mins ago. If I touch the area above my implant, or even try to feel for it… it HURTS. Feels as though I am redoing the injection.

My coworker kinda laughed, when I was telling him about the injection process, and made the remark " ahh sh*t, did you go into your fat"

It kept me up Thursday night, and I really started to think about it.

As of right now, only slight pains, here and there, mainly in the thumb, it feels like it also mightve moved away from my original injection site, and down closer to my thumb.

Do I need to get it surgically removed, should I just leave it, any concerns I should know?

I feel like it’s still healing, and I’m just being a baby, but I thought I check!?

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Hi Mate,

It certainly is possible to go too deep (the needle will go as far as you push it). I’d say that the immense pain you felt was probably due to this.
I don’t have a great pain tolerance but I got three of these done in a single session and didn’t experience any of the symptoms you described. It was tender for a few weeks after the procedure but never hurt too bad, even when bumping it.
I’m not too sure what the next steps are but it might be worth consulting with a professional.

On the other side of things, physiology is strange and you could have gone a little too deep and hit a nerve or something sensitive (though im no expert so take that as a theory)

Hope all goes well for ya.

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If in doubt I suggest a moderately sized neodymium magnet to see if you can “ lock on to the implant”

Sorry to hear this,

I did mine ablut a week ago, by myself, into my dominant hand.

After tenting and rolling the skin, I injected the needle pointy end up, and pushed it back towards the skin clamp.
I let the pressure off of the clamp which gave me more control over the needle.

For me it didn’t hurt, the needle Kind of felt like it was floating in between the skin and the muscles below.

When the needle went through the skin it didn’t feel like a pop for me, it just felt like there was a lot less resistance.

The pop leads me to believe you probably went to far.

So far, My injection site has felt dry and there is a very slight pain around my implant. It kind of feels more like an itch under the skin.

There is slight swelling around my implant, and the implant has not migrated.

If I push on one end of the implant the other side raises and pokes the skin but there is no pain.

The only reason I am telling you my experience is so you can compare it to yours.

I think you might have hit a nerve or have gone to deep.

If I were you I would go talk to a doctor and see what they recommend. They can also prescribe antibiotics on the off chance that it is infected.

For anyone else thinking about implanting by yourself, Don’t!


Cannot stress enough how important it is to get this professional done.

I will be taking all your advice into account. Not to sure whether to go to medi clinic or a hospital, or if I have to for sure stay away from certain machines… but I still will, be seeking medical help.

As of right now, there’s is no pain, I can poke it and move the implant, with discomfort, but nothing to major.

Thank you everyone!




I’m no tattoo apprentice, but I’ve been giving myself piercings since I was like 13 years old. I installed a NeXT, a HF led implant, and a vivokey spark 2 all within an hour of eachother by myself. I have had absolutely no issues other than the t5577 chip in the NeXT being JUST too small for my Work RFID Datawatch reader to register it. This is absolutely not me saying you SHOULD self-implant. But with a bit of anatomy knowledge, it really isn’t hard at all to not mess it up. Having said that, definitely get a pro to install. I’m eventually going to get a flex chip of some sort, but I’ll get that professionally done.

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I think that it is possible to do a self implant safely, but it is also possible to screw it up.

A professional is hopefully less likely to make a mistake.

That is really what this thread is about.

In general it is safer to recommend that people go to a professional for an install rather than saying “you could do it yourself”. Particularly if someone does a really bad job the bad press from “X died when they installed this implant themselves as recommended by…” would set implants back significantly.

So, while it is possible to do a self implant, it is not a recommendation that should be given by anyone as the preferred option.


And another thing to keep in mind - just because something looks easy (like, shoving a big needle into your hand), it doesn’t have to be.
I’ve got tons of piercings by now, and I’m pretty sure I could do a piercing myself, on a totally amateur level - I have the tools, I know the steps, I am even very aware of cross-contamination and all that stuff. But that’s just the stuff you can obviously learn by reading something, by watching others do it or by just doing some basic research - while my piercers have decades of experience in doing it. They know what to do if something unexpected happens, and they have seen so many “piercable places” on various bodies that they can use all this knowledge not just to pierce my skin and put some jewelry in, but to do that in the most perfect way. And so, the money I pay them is just a little sign of respect for the knowledge and experience they have - I mean, I can’t say bodmod is art and in the same sentence claim I could do it myself…

Obviously just my humble opinion, but maybe another reason why visiting a pro is a good idea :wink:


I’m 13 in and I have done them all myself… 16 installs total…. (Removals, moves etc)

I certainly fucked up a couple of times.

It is totally possible that you hit a nerve. With that description of the pain, I would guess you may have also had low blood sugar at the time.

I always have a cookie and a glass of apple juice before and after my installs. Just in case. (During it’s usually a shot of something more daddy-like) but like anything else, you gotta know your limits.

The fun of these installs is the excitement and adrenaline rush. But I gotta be mind body and spirit ready.
I have stopped mid install because my brain was just not ready. I wasted a full sterile field but it’s better than the experience sucking.

So. Yes, you can do your own
Yes it’s dangerous to do alone
Yes you can go too deep
Yes it can be flawless and done in minutes.


Holy crap a moly🤣 I totally just typed out a freaking paragraph, because I thought you said you were 13yo, I was baffled. Asking if your parents are okay with it🤦‍♂️

Then I realized I read it completely wrong :rofl:

I definitely did have some juice and a decent sized meal, even had some music playing and what not, same set up I use when I tattoo myself…

Just NEVER pierced myself or anyone else before, only tats. I believe the feeling of the skin was what was making me start to blackout out, then the pop i felt really sent it into over drive.

When I started tattooing about a year or so ago, I started by throwing my needles out ALOT more then needed, which caused me to nick my muscles, and I believe nerve once or twice… I fully believe this is what happened while installing.

Once it popped (the feeling, once I passed the layers of skin) I must’ve jabbed a little too far down before making sure the implant was in place. (Honestly just a big blur).

But as of right now there is no pain, I’ve been massaging the area little by little, and everything seems to be doing just fine.

Also… Definitely thought about stopping the first poke (went in maybe 3mm) just the pain, feeling of stabbing yourself, and the visual of the needle going in… made me sit back, cleaned the blood from my little wound, thought about just putting the cap back on and getting someone professional to do it, then realizing :upside_down_face: I already kinda fucked up by stabbing myself…

Within a 2min split decision, I put the needle back into the same 3mm hole (tattoo skills came in handy there) and just started the implant.

Yes I definitely should’ve just scrapped the project there, and accepted my losses, but that being said, BECAUSE my area and station was cleaned, I felt completely comfortable going through with the procedure.

Really, alot of wrongs went that day​:sweat_smile::rofl:
But that being said this entire situation definitely doesn’t discourage me to stop getting them I just now know, it’s not something for me to do myself, unfortunately

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I don’t wanna be “that guy” but I went to one of the best body mod guys on the east coast (USA) and he only charged me $60. Really no reason to try and do this yourself. I’m not posting this to be a dick, just hoping if people read how cheap it is to have a pro do it, maybe they’ll save them selves some headaches. It’s worth it to go to a pro.


Kinda related kinda not. I put a finger magnet in a guy once and he passed out from seeing the one drop of blood and the pain. Everyone’s body will react differently. It wasn’t even his first implant! I’d done like 3 others on the same guy about a month before. Some times it’s just not the right day.

Interestingly enough I have less issues with my 2 self installs in comparison to the 2 that I had professionally done in R0 and L0. These implants are visible but the fact they can slide around has had me debating if I should pull them out or setup a reoccurring order for prenatal vitamins.

unless you have an underlying medical condition this shouldn’t be necessary.

Have you tried the corral method?
using something like matches, the sticks from cotton buds(q’tips) to make a fence around the implant, and tape it down tight.
This will give your body a chance to encapsulate it whilst it’s not moving around as you describe.
Smash some prenatals to help your body out.
This SHOULD work, but sometimes, some people have some wandering implants, but the distance they travel normally becomes restricted to a “tunnel” that the slide from one end to the other, as and when the “feel” like.

The corral is still worth a shot though

Not to my knowledge…

I have not tried it yet but I have been considering it for some time now. I have been travelling a lot more this year now that everything is more open.

It is most definitely a tunnel with some small dead-end branches right near the connection between my thumb and index finger (CMC joint?). Both implants slide completely out of L0/R0 and into my wrist. Just to clarify, both implants did “hold” properly post install with minor drift. At some point when I returned to daily grappling they popped out of the capsule and it hasn’t resealed since. I know they will pop out of place during training so I just slide them back afterwards. Every now and again one gets temperamental and it takes a bit of coaxing and massaging to get it back past the joint.