Is it possible to copy the card with acr122 and upload it to xm1?

This is a public transit card (in the picture).
Is it possible to copy the card with acr122 and upload it to xm1?

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First welcome to the form I see you are curious with microchip and Tech and nfc?

Looks like it, it’s a 4 byte ID so…
Can you scan it with MCT? Or use TagInfo which should correctly identify it.

If it’s a Mifare chip, possibly.

We don’t have enough info from this screenshot.

Please scan it with TagReader from NXP and send us a screenshot of that result - it incldues some more info to correctly identify the tag.

Notice in the screenshot the tag is NFC B… that means its ISO14443B not iso14443a like Mifare. It’s something else.

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I tried to read the card with gen1 tools. The software output that the card is not MIFARE, so it cannot be read. Is there another tool to copy the card to xm1?

Huh, I’ve never encountered ISO-14443b before. Weird. This article was somewhat helpful

Maybe we should look into these card types listed at the end:
AT88RF020, SR176, SRIX512, SRIX4K

I’d say get a M1 card to test, set the ID to this 4 byte ID and hope for the best.

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Unless someone says otherwise, then it’s definitely worth a try. The question is, with what tools do you read and write the contents of the card?

Thank you @Satur9

Haw do i do that?
You describe it and it sounds simple

Yeah I mean I dont know how it works, but I imagine it being easy.
I guess it’s possible from your phone if you have a gen2 card.


Definitely proprietary.

No higher layer response, ADC is proprietary.

Very odd. It’s still APDU-based, though (7816-4).

Is there anything in the IC Info?

@fraggersparks hi,
Not sure what do you mean by IC info…

Any way you all,
I intend to send an email with curious questions to the company that gives the infrastructure and technological service to the public transport ticketing system here. If you have any questions, feel free to share, I’ll ask them. I will send their answer… if they answer.

In TagInfo, the subtab, you were on full scan, can you change to IC Info and screenshot that


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This we can work with.

It’s a Calypso card, which is a standardised public transport card.

Unfortunately, after some quick research, it is unlikely we could clone it. I don’t have the documentation, the best bet would be an Apex app, which I know Fidesmo are working on in Europe.


Right now it all depends on the card’s implementation (i.e. what happens once it’s read).

Being a Calypso I doubt you could actually clone it into an M1.
Although… you might not need to clone it!

If the system behind the reader is well built, even if you copy that card’s ID into an M1, it should not work.
But… if the devs behind that system would care for doing a good job they would probably not be using a 4 byte ID card anyway!
(ok, you can think it’s because those cards might be cheaper… but if someone is skimping on card costs they are most likely also skimping on dev paychecks as well, which leads to having devs who either can’t, or won’t, care for it)

So, as @yeka said…

I bet that should work!
unless, of course, they skimped so much on the system that the readers can only read that specific card type! :rofl:


I’ll try your idea, copy the UID to the M1 card, then ill see if it recognizes the card.
And now, how do you extract a UID from a Calypso card?