Is it possible to strip the black color off of the new Magic Rings?

I am not particularly fond of the color black, so I was wondering if I could use acetone or something similar to strip off the rings to whatever is under it? I just wanted to check before I do it because I don’t want to ruin of the rings I have

I’d say there’s a solid chance acetone with do more than remove paint…

Can’t say for sure what it is made of, but when manufacturers want decently strong plastic and machine injectable… abs happens a lot

You could do a spot test on the inside with a qtip

Yeah I guess that is what I am curious about, I am not sure what the ring is actually made out of so I am a little apprehensive to try anything extreme

The material is a sintered ceramic material with a glaze coating. I don’t know that it will be possible to remove the black color without basically scratching it off.

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10,000 grit sandpaper?

Is those k-rings I was on about?

:radioactive: This might do it

Bit overkill though

Go buy one of those “energy wristbands”