Is it safe to get an implant while being a wrestler

Hey so right now i have a 6 day window before i go back to wrestling practice and weightlifting every day so i’m wondering if it would be safe to get now and let it heal for 6 days, or if i should wait until the season is over in a few months, please let me know, thanks.

My opinion.

Once it’s in and healed you should have no problem with it at all. (I am assuming you are getting it in position 0, aka thenar space aka between thumb and index)

6 days the wound should be pretty much healed, but you will likely still have some inflammation in the area, which will be aggravated and healing slowed with wrestling.

Ideally you should probably give it longer than 6 days to heal.

Again, just my opinion

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Wrestling is particularly grabby and twisty,

I’d give it the best chance to heal up to keep from getting moved accidentally

6 days isn’t it’s best chance

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