Is it worth waiting for the Titan or should I go for the xG3 v2?

I have been wanting the Titan for a while now, and didn’t know if it was worth continuing to wait for or to get the xG3 v2 in the spot I want the titan (left middle or ring finger). Thoughts and/or recommendations? I already have a xSIID,xMagic, and NExT, but have been holding out for WalletMor in the US., Apex, and the Titan.

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As someone with a Titan in my right hand ring finger, a xG3 V1 in my left hand thumb and middle finger, and a xG3 V2 in my left hand knife edge.

I would definitely recommend a xG3 V1 on personal experience if it were to become an option again. I don’t have experience with the V2 in a finger, so it’s hard to say on that.


The poll ended yesterday, and it doesn’t look like the V1 will go back for sale… I was holding out for more people in my position! Would you recommend the V2 or to wait for the titan(I’m hopeful that the big restock that is happening soon will have titans)

I would hold out for the titan.

XG3 finger install is rough. 100% would wait it out.

I believe waiting is the best option for the moment. If you change your mind before the Titan restocks, then you could then proceed with the xG3 V2.

I had an installer place an xG3 V1 in my left thumb. He was able to assist the install with an injected local anesthetic. That in my subjective opinion made the install painless (only a feeling of pressure if I remember correctly.)

Alternatively the Titan install in my right ring finger, I did have to travel a bit to have it installed, due to a scalpel being primarily used. My installer used an injected local anesthetic, cut the end of my finger open, and had to jam a rod in the opening to create a pocket for the Titan.

I would say neither one was more painful than the other post install to the best of my recollection.

I’ve done some thinking and considering recently. I may soon be purchasing 2 xG3 V2s. A little over 2 years ago I was considering getting a magnet in my left pinky. I decided against it due to already having a V1 in my thumb and middle finger. But now the thought of a V2 in my pinky is interesting to me. I’d be interested in the comparison for science sake if nothing else. Picture for scale below.


Yeah the pain part aside its more of a size issue. While the space is there “as it appears” once the xg3 settles in it displaces a lot and if you look at my scan here, the bone for the finger is concave. So as you move your finger its going to put pressure in different areas of the finger.

Scar tissue develops differently in this area as well. its very odd, to me it almost felt like rocks in the area. I also didnt go far enough to the left of the finger so it sits more towards the pad of my finger so i can feel the implant when gripping things very tightly.

The overall length of the implant also is to note. as it heals in different areas it will push up and down inside its pocket healing time for me is going on 2 months and it still isnt healed because im constantly bumping it and it has to heal longer.

Also for me, i noticed that other people have loose? finger tips where i dont really have extra skin in the area, your picture kind of looks like my hands. calloused and tight? so i dont know where i am going with this statement, but it is a tighter? location to install something that makes it feel like theres more pressure? I have no idea how to properly word this.

Overall my opinion is to wait for an Titan restock when that occurs. I love my fingertip install, i ignored the warnings of others, and i see why they warned it and had a difficult time explaining why. Had the titan been available i would have went that route. scapel install or not that isnt a part that bothers me. its more about the position and usability due to lack of space.


I really appreciate both of you taking the time and explaining things in depth for me. I’ll go ahead and wait, but if The V1 is ever re-released, I’m grabbing one. :slight_smile:

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