Is NExT compatible with Salto?

My first cellphone was a Motorola banana - exactly the same as the one in your oh-so-clever animated GIF but in black - you insensitive clod :slight_smile: Cost me a bundle too back in the days…



I’ll put a pin in this, and post a photo later…


Don’t bother, I’ll do it myself:

It was a very good cellphone actually. Very good battery life for the era. The only problems were: you needed Columbo’s raincoat with reinforced pockets to carry it around, and it cost you a kidney per minute to call someone.


Ok :slight_smile:
With this then my version of the manual for cloning HF cards in general, including salto, skipass etc :slight_smile: Hopefully you like him :slight_smile: Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:
It is based on version 3.7.1 from proxspace.
Manual Proxmark 3 - Clone HF-card.pdf (248.3 KB)

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I would ammed this wording for what hw tune does.

I personally never use autopwn; it was created and added to the repo as a joke and really should still be seen as a joke. Given the document is supposed to be a manual, more manual approaches would teach the reader the underlying attacks as well as more commands in the client.

You also just got unlucky with the restore, it should never give that many write errors. Write errors for the first sector is common and acceptable but no more (within reason).

If you are ‘restoring’ to a gen1a clone card, you dont need to use hf mf restore as its intended for genuine cards and gen2s. For a gen1a you can use hf mf cload which takes advantage of those backdoor commands to bulk write new data.

The last command hf mf cview was my addition to the repo and its nice to see its getting some use. I originally used it for my research and comparing many different cards was a challenge before the command was implemented in the client.

The version of proxspace/RRG client it was written for has a different command syntax now thus the commands detailed will no longer work on the current version of the repo.


I do have a Proxmark3 Easy, just not sure how to use it lol

@yeka @anon3825968 @chipman @amal @Pilgrimsmaster @Jirvin Thank you all for your responses, greatly appreciated! I currently only have an NExT and Proxmark3 Easy (have no idea how to use it, still new to this).


Great implant ( My personal favourite )

The most difficult thing about it is the install.

Once you have that behind you, most of the commands are a step by step and it gives you prompts to help as you go, so don’t be intimidated, it is actually a good tool.

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