Is the LF side of my NExT broken?

I’ve had my NExT for about a year now. I used to use it at an old job to badge in, so it was definitely working. I left that job, so I didn’t have a use for the LF side for a long time. I have a new job where I have a badge again, so I’m trying to clone it to my NExT, but it’s not working. I can read from my badge fine. I can’t read from the NExT at all. Even if I do lf tune, the voltage never drops. I’ve been trying for about an hour to read something from the chip, but I can’t. HF side works fine though. Is my chip broken?

Proxmark3 Easy?

Sometimes people struggle with reading on the LF antenna

Are you placing the antenna over your NExT, something similar to this?

When I use mine, I push quite firmly.

This might help also

Yes, Proxmark 3 easy. I’ve seen the pictures on how I’m supposed to position it. I’ve pushed pretty hard to get a read. I’ve even gripped something to bring the chip to the surface to make it easier. I’m not sure what I could do differently

That looks pretty easy to read :thinking:

So you can still read LF cards, but not your shallow LF chip of your NExT.
lf tune is not “seeing it”

It would be very unusual for the chip to just stop working.

If both stopped, that would make more sense.

Do you know what mode it was in last?

Do you have access to any other LF readers?

Blue Cloner, White Cloner, Flipper Zero, access systems using the same mode as you last had?
Or know somebody with one?
What city are you in? there mau be a community member nearby that could help :man_shrugging:

Are you in a position to walk around a CBD or similar where there are lots of access systems, and just slap you DT Diagnostic card :card_diagnostic_dt: on readers, and if it flashes up LF , present your implant and see if it beeps?
(no point if BOTH lf and hf light up, it will just beep or flash when it sees your functioning hf chip)

Im not sure whats going on here, im just clutching at straws

So oddly enough, writing to it actually did work. Forgot my badge for work at home, and decided to just try my NExT anyways. It worked. So I can write, but not read. Works good enough for me now lol