Is there a less expensive shipping method?

I am in Australia and the cost of the shipping via DHL is very high.
Does anyone know if a snail mail option is available?


I use in the states. Idk if it’s available there but you could try

puɐlɐǝZ ʍǝN uᴉ ɯ,I

if you are not aware, there is this offset/ subsidy

*As a reminder, if your international order is equal to, or in excess of $150.00 USD, you will receive a $35.87 USD discount; this is DHL’s base charge for international shipping.

If this doesnt work for you,
As Postage can be quite high from the USA, I’m not sure about snail mail options, @amal may be able to answer that for you.

What I have used in the past (not for DT) are
Mail and Package Forwarding Services

I’m sure Australia will have the equivalent, but I’m not sure if they will actually work out cheaper, but it might be worth checking out.

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Post pandemic shipping has become absolutely insanity. It’s inconceivable how much shipping is costing. We’ve tried to make shipping always reflect our actual cost, and have never actually made money on the shipping fee… many times we lose money on it.

On my bill I pay DHL for the “shipping fee”, then an extra fuel surcharge, an additional “emergency fee” (pandemic fee), and then taxes on all those fees.

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Are they still charging an “Emergency Fee?”

That’s insane if they are. At least in the US, nobody gives a crap about it anymore… I don’t ever remember seeing a pandemic fee like that when I was dealing with shipping stuff…

Once they start nickel and diming, it’s unlikely they’ll stop. Maybe they’ll integrate it into their main pricing, but if consumers get used to paying it why wouldn’t the company want that extra money?

Here is a very typical charge for a package to the EU, which we lose money on shipping wise;


Other shipping charges to other areas are exceedingly high, but this was a random one I picked out of the bills I’m paying today.

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