Is there a list of all (or most) chip implants and their usecases?

Hello, I’m new to these chip implants and spend some time reading about them in different forums and websites. My question is if there is a place that has all of this information in one webpage. I’ve seen chip implants 101 on the dangerousthings website but it’s still a little bit vague because I don’t see any usecases with it.

I want to get a couple of chip implants to do the following things:

  • Pay (I’ve only seen Walletmor for this but are there any other implants that could do this in the future? preferably more then 8 years)
  • Send a link to my website or a youtube video with NFC and unlock things like my door (I think the NExT is best for this?)

Is there a way to run like little python programs using your nfc implant to like let your phone/laptop do stuff you code. Like connecting it to your home thermostat app and decrease the temperature in your house just by scanning your nfc implant or let it open disney+ and connect to your tv.

Also is it possible to copy gym membership cards (or other cards) to your implant and wich one would be best for this? If it depends on the type of card and implant, how do I figure out what card/implant I need or do I have to put the ID of my chip into the system of the gym?

This is my first topic so hopefully I don’t break any rules and sorry for all the different types of questions :slight_smile:

most if not all of the implants can do what you want them to withbhome automation and whatnot. you just have to code the reader (what scans the chip) to respond accordingly

That’s about as close as what you’re looking for.