Is there a problem with the xICs?

I placed an order for one in January and the confirmation email included the xIC I purchased, but only ever got the xEM from that order in the mail. Didn’t get any further emails about it, what’s happening?

I’m sorry to hear that you did not receive your xIC. I’ve investigated this and found that the item that was sent separately, is listed as having been stopped and returned to us by customs; however, we’ve not received the item and in our experience, we most likely never will. Don’t be concerned. This is our issue not yours.

We are currently out of stock of the xIC chip you ordered but Amal asked that I reach out to you while he is in London and offer you the xSLX. These chips are essentially the next generation of the xIC. Generally speaking ,the xIC was based on the ICODE SLX chip and the xSLX is based on the ICODE SLX2, (the next gen of SLX).

It is a 2mm x 12mm and comes in a full injection kit, unlike the xIC. The xSLX is not a product listed on the website yet, but the price for this kit will be similar to the xEM kit.

Would this be of interest to Pararose? Alternatively, we could refund your expense for the missing xIC. Please let me know at your convenience what you’d like to do.

Our best,
Dangerous Things