Is this even possible? 'Alivecel'

So someone made a post on the dangerous things beta facebook page which was not implant related and seemed fishy anyway. I like to research things before I reply to something I don’t understand so first I looked at this guy to see his background and found out he’s the CTO of a company that makes a chip that ‘is powered wirelessly and capable of quantitative around the clock medical biomarker monitoring.’ It is powered by a ‘smart band’ that it communicates with every two min.
Now this whole thing seems like a scam to me but if not, this tech could be interesting, I know there were people on the forum looking for a LED power source.

Yea I pulled up their website…

I feel a lot of smoke being blown up my ass

I would imagine that some of those things would be possible to do (heart rate monitor) in the near future, but not in the form factor of the current small 15mm x 1mm implants currently available here thru DT. I think their website advertises an idea moreso than a product at the moment.

All I can say is that VivoKey has had some conversations with them… the various technologies behind it seem… plausible? As you can imagine there are still some significant hurdles to overcome of course, so really…



Ya thats what I thought too. Its like they are taking advantage of what people think implants can do.

I can’t remember the name, but this seems nearly
Identical to another company that self destructed

Claimed to be able do all kinds of blood testing or something like that

All smoke and mirrors

It’s interesting that @amal says it seems plausible

I can’t begin to imagine how you could do any kind of blood testing subdermally

Like we are all still hoping for the long shot of a blood glucose implant, and now we are taking about monitoring for neurotoxins?

Theranos… and their thing was testing with a tiny amount of blood, a lot more plausible :sweat_smile:


Obviously you already did that…