ISIC Card Emulation

Hi, Im student at Czech Republic. To access school classes we use our ISIC card. I used NFC Tools app and the card has NXP MIFARE Classic 4K chip. Will i be able to emulate that card with X3 Elite chip ?
Im not able to access the system to add another ID (like another card) I have to emulate the one i have.
So do yall thing its possible ?

Also does the chip like en expiration date? Will i have to take it out after few years ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

So most of us here are much more familiar with Dangerous Things products, I had a quick look at the i am robot x3 elite, and it appears to be the correct product for you, although the information provided was actually pretty limited and disappointing.
I have no first hand experience with i.a.r. products so I can’t attest to the quality/ reliability etc.

What I can do is just bring to your attention the Dangerous Things equivalent.
xM1 Should do the job for you. (can you confirm if you current card is 4 byte or 7 byte?
That is the same form factor as the X3
The other options you have are
FlexM1gen1a (improved range over the xM1 and X3)
FlexM1gen2 (improved range over the xM1 and X3 plus you can write to it with your phone)

Understandably, What you may be considering is the price difference.
I.a.r. X3 USD$99
DT xM1 USD$120 (ships from USA)
DT xM1 USD$127 (Ships from Europe KSEC)

You might want to save a few dollars, but remember, this is a thing you are going to put inside your body.
I can also tell you, the testing and safety of the Dangerous Things products are exceptional.

It will live far longer than you


What @Pilgrimsmaster said!

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I think he said that the card is the Classic 4k - that would mean it depends how much data there is written on the card and if it uses the 4 byte NUID or the 7 byte UID.

Would you mind posting a screenshot from NXP tools?

That may not be so sure. I seem to remember Amal mentioning a data retention guarantee of 50 years. Our friend here is probably still quite young, and I don’t doubt he’ll live a long and healthy life. So… Maybe not.

Not to mention: 50 years? Yeah right… I’d say realistically more like 20 years. I know a thing or two about military standards for electronics, and if you believe you’ll get 50 years out of consumer electronic components, you’re sorely deluded.

Having said that, in 20 years, he’ll probably be able to go to a continuing education school using Elon Musk’s incredimazing implant in his brain, so the point is probably moot. But he’ll have a great - probably dead - historical piece of early biohacking technology in his hand as a nice conversation starter!

Likewise, and “potentially” up to 25 million years… as below :arrow_down_small:
But I did not consider the fact that our young friend may be a highlander :wink:

Like I said, it’s not the memory cells that will fail first. Most likely a cap.

Just lucky DT has a lifetime warranty

True dat :slight_smile:

Hope im not sharing more then i should but here is the sreenshot.

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Not a major, but just delete the picture now (within 5 mins) oh well too late… but no stress
We have what we need, it is a 4 byte NUID.
It is perfect for the xM1 or FlexM1

Also, we’re SO flying out to the Czech Republic tomorrow with cloned Mifare Classic cards to impersonate you at your school and eat for free at the cafeteria!

I have one. It’s a Magic Chinese M1k (at least it was when I bought mine), not 4k. There is a chance that the school’s system will reject it based on the difference, if it’s less dumb than you’d expect.


Oh, good to know, I didnt see alot of specs on their site.

This is where I made my assumption from.

ISO 14443
Classic compatible
allows copying / cloning existing maps and tags (UID Changeable) on the implant.

but, I did see what size it is in the age old apple scale :apple: :green_apple:

Its only a 23 hour flight for me, I just wish I was allowed to leave my country, I would be there with bells on for a free lunch.

I recommend you get yourself a Magic 1k gen2 card from KSEC and test it out before commiting to buying an implant :slight_smile:

(gen2 is probably better for your purpose because it can be written with your phone (doesn’t need special “magic” commands) and is not detectable as a magic card - smaller chance of rejection)

Also, if you can, please perform a full read and make sure that not too many of the sectors on the card are written to

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Has anyone considered the fact he’s got a 4k card?

Also, second getting a magic 1k card. Personally I’d buy from China, far cheaper.

Yeah, and as has been suggested by yourself and others, a 1k test card is probably his best option

Yeah, North Korea is a bitch :slight_smile:

So from what I understood, best thing from what I understood is to get 1k magic card.
Has any one got a reliable source (link) which i can order from.
BTW thanks for all the information.

Hey in Europe KSEC solutions definitely has gen2 (writable by phone) test cards. Incidently there also a DT distributor.

Hello @JohnySaak and welcome to DT forums!

I will gladly assist you with your cause in the Czech republic, my ( augmentation studio is located in Hradec Kralove. Hit me up with a DM or on Discord I have Mifare classic 4K UID changeable ready to program and ship or test in person. I am no longer a student and do not have an ISIC card, but cloning Mifare classic works :slight_smile:

I hereby state I will not steal your school lunches :czech_republic:. My services are complex, first we’ll check the compatibility, if it works, then we’ll put a chip in ya :slight_smile:


2020-09-28 12_49_45-Greenshot

EDIT: but I am not sure if there is Mifare 4K(!) compatible implant. 1K may or may not work. We’ll see…

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