Issues Reading FlexDF (Pre-Implant)

Edit: I sent the tag back to Amal and it actually works. It’s a compatibility issue of some sort. He’s working out the details on it.

I recently received my flexDf in the mail. I’m impressed with how professional and well manufactured it looks.
Only issue is that I can’t seem to get a read on it.
Of course I haven’t put it in yet (I’ll leave installation to a professional body mod person).
I tried using different phones and also power cycled my phone a few times. Still not able to get a read. I know my phone isn’t the issue because it reads other Desfire tags and still reads my XNT implant.

Anyway I was wondering if I am just missing something or if the unit could have been damaged somehow in shipping (it looks absolutely perfect though).

I’m super excited to use this thing so I really want it to work.

I could get an even closer picture of the soldered connections if that would help.
Thanks a bunch.

hmm… I will send you one that is double verified. I thought I performed tests on all units before they shipped out, but I guess one got through. Send it back. I will test and send you a new one. Don’t want to take any chances on something going inside you.

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Let me know what you pay for postage and I’ll credit that back to you.

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Hey Amal,
Any updates on the compatibility issues? Did the info in my email help at all?

Sorry… email got swamped… replied.