Issues reading low freq. xMagic with Proxmark3

I and a friend have each just (hours ago) implanted the xMagic chip. The implant contains a high frequency Mifare chip and low frequency T5577 chip. We have no issues reading / writing to the Mifare chip with my proxmark3 Easy, however we are having a hard time reading the low frequency T5577. The proxmark3 LF antenna is working good, I can easily read my door key.

When holding the chip against the antenna and hitting the “lf search”, I get

[-] No known 125/134 kHz tags found!
[=] Couldn’t identify a chipset

My friend’s chip produced the same result.

Positioning: Feels like I tried every position. Having the LF antenna directly over the chip, on the edge, vertically and horizontally - made no apparent difference. My friend helped me to hold the proxmark3, so I do not think a delay is the answer, as reaction time is not of issue.

Thanks for reading. If you have any idea of how to fix it, I would appreciate the help!
/ Johan

Short answer

Wait 2 weeks

longer Answer

You have 2 easily fixed issues.

Due to the trauma in the install site, you will have inflammation in the area, making the reading more difficult, youll both need to wait approximately 2 weeks.

The PM3 LF antenna, needs quite precise placement.
Perpendicular to the antenna.

See if you can identify which end of the xMagic is HF by reading each end with the HF antenna (underside) so you know which end is LF and you can target it more accurately

i am going to echo our local sentient AI.

Wait a few weeks. LF antennas really do need that extra time. The inflamation caused by the trauma introduced to it by the injection needle really does affect the read range. enjoy while you can writing to the Mifare chip, it may decrease over the next couple days while fluids build up into the pocket created by the needle. but be sure to report back in about 2-3 weeks your experience.

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