Issues with my xSIID

I’ve been having a few issues with my xSIID lately, hoping for some help.

The issues started after attempting to run the ‘basic’ example from the nfc-pfsc library here. This was using an ACR122U and my MacBook. The example failed with an error and after that the implant couldn’t be written with NFC Tools on an iPhone.

I did some digging and came across this thread that described similar symptoms. I don’t have an Android device to run Taginfo, but using NFC Tools I was able to run the set of commands near the end of the thread and everything appeared to start working. The commands were:


I can read and write the tag using NFC Tools on iPhone now, but I’m noticing some anomalies. The written records seem to be corrupted with the last few characters being random or missing. For example if I write a text record of ‘this is a test’ and then read it, it comes back as ‘This is a tes’ with the last character missing. I also can’t read the text record at all with NFC Tools for Desktop on Mac. The tag is detected and identified, but it doesn’t show any NDEF records. This was all working before I borked the implant with nfc-pfsc.

I’ve seen that there is an Android app for resetting the tag, but as mentioned I don’t have an Android device.

Any ideas what may be going on? Is there any way to factory reset the tag without an Android device?


Post memory from full scan with TagInfo

TagInfo for iOS doesn’t appear to support full scan. You can’t do much with it at all.

I went ahead and bought a cheap Android phone and will try a full TagInfo scan once it arrives. Thanks!

The fact iOS is having a hard time seems to indicate to me that the NDEF record itself is corrupted and probably needs android level reset

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Idk if it helps or not, but the few times I think I got something out of whack, I used Nfc tools to run a format on it, and it cleared it up :man_shrugging:t2:

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My Android phone arrived yesterday and I ran a reset. Everything works perfectly now!