Just Confirming xSIID works with KBR1, else alternative?

Hi I just got a 2021 xSIID installed. Can someone confirm it should work with the KBR1 to scan the UID into textpad on windows?

I can reliably program and read it with NFT Tools on IOS and read it with the PM3.
The KBR1 is causing the chip to flash but hasn’t been able to read yet.

I’m understand maybe it just needs to heal first however I read somewhere here that the chip has a serial and not a UID so it would not work with the KBR1 reader? If that’s the case, is there anything off the shelf that would perform a similar function?

Thank you!

Yes, it’ll scan. And yes it’l likely easier to scan after healing, though KBR1 should scan very well.

Can you post a video of your attempt to get a read on the kbr1?

my reads :slight_smile: I have a macbookair

Yes, it should. Different readers have different capabilities and you may need to approach them differently. My guess is that you are still healing which will make it harder and that you don’t have the positioning right yet.

To add to Zwacks advice, try a swipe across the face rather than just presenting. (although I agree with Zwack, that’s it’s probably just swelling causing you issues)

The KBR1 has 4 hidden screws under the foam feet, so you can easily pull the casing off to expose the antenna and see where it lies.

Remembering you are trying to lay / swipe your implant perpendicular to the antenna.

here is a photo of my opened KBR1, but that may not help you as your may be in a differnet location to mine.

It is a very small antenna and can put anywhere within.

Once you learn it’s location, you wont need to search for it

Ok thank you! It looks like its working. It starts flashing at a distance but I had to touch the antenna to get a solid light/read. So I will give it a few weeks :grinning:.

Side Note - Putting tape over that black cylinder to muffle the crazy loud beep!