Just got my package in!

Hey guys I’m Eric been lurking for quite some time now and wanted to say man I love this community🥰. My package just came in the mail I got the Green xSIID Bundle: xSIID + xEM + Access Control and I am very overwhelmed. Even after months of reading these forums I still am confused in some things. I’ll compile a list of some things! I’m very excited though😂


What exactly confuses you? Not a cheeky question, it’s just so that we can help you better :slight_smile:

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There is A LOT of things to get your head around, so don’t feel bad.

It will be easier to understand when you break your questions dow like This :arrow_heading_down:

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Welcome to the green club!


OK before I put the chip in my hand that’s where I’ve decided it’s going to go what do I need to do first?

I am a more red light skin person Im mixed black and white and was wondering how well these things glow under certain skin types.

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Step 1: get an installer to do it.
Step 2: done.


Check out this thread, there are a few different specimens in here

specifically, check out @Rajaramjet

He probably has the darkest skin in those examples

He has the Blue :blinky_blue: Blinky and it looks really good and bright, Your Green :blinky_green: is probably the brightest of the xSIIDs


thanks @Pilgrimsmaster for the shout out and i’m glad that you are making reference to my pictures so that others can see that there is no worries in ever not seeing their xSIID glow


I’m a wee bit late, but welcome.

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Better later than never🤷🏽 Nice to meet you bro!

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Awesome!!! The green should look really awesome!

Okay. After it’s installed what’s the heal time. I work as an order filler picking up boxes everyday. Should I do the install on the weekend? Give it time to settle out can I just go right in it😅

Yes give yourself the weekend before squeezing the implant out of the wound, I’d install friday. And be careful a couple days, but I reckon it’s gonna be fine.