Just Inserted xNT NFC Tag - What now? Best Practice

Hi Guys,
Im not sure if this is posted somewhere before(i was not able to find it)
But what is the best practice after beeing installed with a new chip?

1: should i run the DT APP and set a passcode?
2: Should i run NFC Tools to do initial setup?

What do most of users do? im afraid to start scanning my tag around before i know how its working, i wont to be sure i dont “Fu**k” it up by locking it or something like that.

BR Filip

Is it an xNT or a NExT? I only ask because the NExT has its config bytes protected by default. If it’s an xNT then download the “Dangerous NFC (BETA)” app and apply a password to your xNT.

You don’t have to be super worried about fucking up your implant. The only reason you need to protect the config bytes is if you were trying something weird or untested. Normal reading and writing isn’t an issue.

After you’ve done that, here is a short guide to writing a record to your implant with Tagwriter app.


Hi @Satur9, thanks for reply.
Its the xNT.
Ok, then i will run the app before i start doing something else.
Thanks for the guide.
But as an example, would this just work “out of the box”?
1: my office scan my hand/tag to give it access to office.(its supported)
2: My gym scan my hand/tag to give access to gym(its supported)

Will this work out of the box? or will the gym write/overwrite my office tag?

BR Filip

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We’ll need to know more information about your office and gym cards. You can scan them with the TagInfo app (also from NXP) and post the info here. Refer to this post on how to share TagInfo scans. Make sure to censor any sensitive information, like the UID under “Detailed protocol information”

If you can’t scan them with any apps on your phone, it’s possible (though not guaranteed) that they’re Low Frequency cards. If that’s the case you’ll need more a NExT or xEM and more advanced tools to clone them.

Hi Again,
I dont need to clone it as my office can write(as a new card) to my chip.
And i can discard my old access card :slight_smile:

IF it is compatible/supported, and the system administrator is willing to enroll them, then

Both your office and your gym will have the same UID ( from your NExT ) associated with you, allowing you access to their separate systems. :+1: