KBR issues with Mac unlocking

I am happy to say I am now a cyborg. I just had an issue and was wondering if anyone else has run into this as well. When I restart my computer on mac and use my implants UID (which is the password), it puts in the password, but doesn’t login. It simple sits on the login screen and the password box becomes unusable. When I am logged in already and press lock screen and then use the implant to unlock the mac it works fine. Any idea what is going on and how to correct this?

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I can’t help you with your mac question but welcome
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Haha thanks! The issue only seems to occur if the computer is completely restarted and I mostly just close it and rarely fully power down, so I’m not too concerned.

I wonder if something gets disabled until initial login.

Which Mac/OSX are you using ? Can test this later.

Yeah maybe it doesn’t like the KBR reader interacting with it when initially booting and only works once its fully booted? No to sure though, but I appreciate the reply!
macOS Catalina Version 10.15.5
Macbook pro (15 inch, 2016)