KBR question on mac

Hello everyone! I first heard about biohacking years ago, but I forgot about it for sometime. I’ve recently started to actually look into it and I need to become a cyborg. I want to use the NExT implant with the KBR reader to unlock my mac. Do I need to change my password to the implants uid (sorry if this is the wrong term!!) or can I setup a pin similar to windows? Also, I just want to confirm that I do not need to be able to code to set everything up as I have no coding experience. Any advice is greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:


Hey Sivt!

You’re right on the money and your terminology is correct. Sadly, there’s no way to set a pin on MacOS (I was working with @anon3825968 on a possible workaround, but we hit some snags and I changed direction) so the easiest solution is to change your password to match the UID.

This doesn’t require any electronics or coding knowledge, its as simple as plugging in a USB cable and changing your password.

There is a more advanced way (which is what I will be doing when parts arrive) which requires some simple Arduino coding. Basically you create a ‘custom KBR’ that instead of typing your UID when you scan your implant, it checks if the UID matches the one it expects and types out your password then presses enter for you.

Once the parts arrive I’ll happily share my code, small learning curve if you’ve never done this before but it’ll be pretty simple - otherwise many others including @Vicarious have done this before and have write ups all over the internet.


Wow thanks for the quick and extensive reply!! That’s great to hear, Im definitely gonna start out with that then and then look into custom codes for it later. I really appreciate the response. Have a great day!


No idea where else to show this, but in my case this was plug and play on all devices. (The way explained above, changing my password.)

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