KBR1 beeping noise

just got my new KBR1 reader in the mail and so far im loving how easy it is to log into my pc with it, but about that Beep… is there a way to disable that? its a pretty loud beep in the middle of the night that tends to wake my dogs up.

You’ll have to take the case apart, locate the piezo buzzer, and put tape over it or remove it from the board. Tape can drastically reduce the volume of the beep noise, allowing you to still have the indication without the bleeding ears :slight_smile:


Okay il try that tonight then

So it’s normal for it to endlessly, incessantly beep when plugged in? Is there a “best” way to open it, so the casing doesn’t end up looking like it was chewed on by a dog? And, does it “click” back together, or does it require gluing to put it back together afterwards? I’d like to remove the noise maker, because I have severe sensory issues to sound, but I’d also like it to stay looking nice.

I do have some tools for opening electronics.

Phillips screwdriver is all you need.
4 screws under the foot pads.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

This is not normal though.
I should beep when presented and thats it :thinking:

A bit of Bluetak, hot glue, to muffle it or side cutters or soldering iron to remove the buzzer

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Fantastic, thank you. Seems weird that it just beeps continuously once plugged in, instead of only beeping when it’s reporting a tag swipe. It’s unfortunate there isn’t a way to get it to function that way instead.

Have you tried another USB port, or another computer?

It should operate like at the end of this video

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I tried every USB port on my computer, even unplugged my keyboard, and mouse to try those ports. I haven’t tried a different computer, but I did just change the power settings for my USB ports, so they won’t selectively suspend anymore, and I’m gonna try to reboot, and see if that helps. Only have the one computer atm, but it’s only 2 years old, and made for gaming.

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possibly something at the bottom of this thread to try

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I will follow that thread, since that person is having the exact same issue as I am having. That way, if I figure out how to make it work, I can share, and maybe if someone else does, then I’ll see it. Thank you again.

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