KBR1 disassembly?

So, i just got my NExT put in earlier today and it reads well. too well… I’m noticing that the KBR1 is a bit louder than I like.

Is there a way to disassemble the kbr1 and either remove or muffle the beeper?

I don’t see any screws anywhere. unless they are under the pads, i haven’t removed them yet and if there arent screws there id rather not.

Yep, there are screws under pads, and yep easy fix buddy, either snip, de-solder, or muffle.


perfect, to the ifixit kit!

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For anyone else that is curious:

The inside.


I also notice that it will print out repeatedly. dont leave your hand there after it logs in because it will enter your uid into whatever is open and on top about several extra times if you leave it in range… thankfully that was notepad but be careful if its a messenger or something
be warned

That never happened to me after like a month of usage.
Just move your hand over it like explained in the video.

What exactly should I do to make it stop beeping? Don’t wanna do smthn stupid.

Other then desolder, can only really mute it. Hot glue over the buzzer hole, quiet, hot glue squeezed into the hole, quiter, superglue the f out of the buzzer a few drops at a time in the hole, wait for each drop to dry quietist. Can also drive a self tapper into the hole note, this can detune the buzzer to sound like a cat getting kicked. You can also slice a solder track leading to the buzzer (black circle with a hole top left). Can easily scrape the solder mask back and resolder the track if u want it to beep again.

Just desoldered mine. The tracks come out at 1 and 2 o’clock.should be able to get a razor blade and slice the 1 o’clock trace at the white solder mask

to stop the beeps i took off the rubber feet, unscrew the 4 Philips heads, take a soldering iron to the buzzer leads.
buzzer is now on my desk, not in the reader. therefore buzzer does not buz anymore

As for preventing the multiread… remove hand after login. it only repeats the read if you leave your hand on the reader


Okay, thanks! I just poured some hot wax into the hole. It’s fine now.


I Was hoping to see a potentiometer that could turn it down, but I accomplished the same thing with some blue tack.