KBR1 holder + deskstorage

So I didn’t like the way I should hold my hand for the kbr1 so it will read the chip so I made a holder for it with some storage as well for on my desk

here are the inventor file and the stl file;


Thanks @simon_beer, you’re now listed on the KBR1 product page!


thats really cool :smiley:

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Nice work. Wish my printer printed that nicely.


Well I for one am not impressed: I ran it off my HP LaserJet and the paper sheet is not even standing upright!



I think you will need more than just one sheet of paper, at a guess maybe even a whole ream :newspaper_roll:

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Will be printing this tomorrow!!! TY for sharing! I was thinking of making something similar but couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted. This is AMAZING!


If anyone would want it, but does not have the printer to do so I an willing to print and send it to you at what it costs me so just material an shipping just remember that printing takes about 13 hours in this quality

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What printer do you have, if I may ask?

I really have to get into 3D printing. I’ve been thinking that for years, and it looks like affordable machines can do a great job nowadays…

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I started out with a home build one, but now I have a prusa i3 mk3s with the mmu on it and its really amazing the prints 95% of the time come out just great I only had one time that it went wrong somewhere mid print and it was my own fault because I made it too thin of a wall

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Looks like one serious setup you got going there.

Time to do some googling about it :slight_smile:

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Clean setup! I do love lack stacks for printers :smiley:
I did a weird/custom one for my ender 3 a few months ago

Ohh man, the Prusa i3 with the mmu must be a dream to print on. No wonder the final product looks so nice. Sure wish I could justify the cost

it is a verry nice printer indeed no problems just print i use it allot currently also working on an housing for the xEM Access Controller v2


Just finished the print! Fits like a glove


awesum :smiley:
mine is already filled with aalllooott of stuf

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mine went in verry smoothly just compressing the soft pads on the bottom

Phenominal work with the design. Printed flat on the builld plate with supports where the KBR1 goes.

Thanks for making the design!

no porblem :smiley: i am glad ohtor people like it to

if you want something desinged i wil also do that and or machine