KBR1 Keyboard wedge

So I just ordered a new Magic ring and it came today with a PM3 and the xEm access controller. Along with the KBR1 but when I plug my KBR1 into my computer its like sounding an alarm and I have no idea what it means. I am new to all of this so yeah

When the KBR1 is powered on it’ll beep. When you shut down the computer it’ll beep again.

Mine does that too.

Does yours beep once? Mine sounds an alarm. It’s continuously beeping. Beeps like at intervals of 0.5secs or something like that

Mine beeps only once in both scenarios.

Have you tried it on another USB port or computer?

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I tried in every port on the laptop. I’m not sure what to do

Do you have an NFC device very close to the KBR1?
Mine beeps at that frequency if I keep an NFC Tag too close to it.

They sorted it out on the discord. Their laptop had the built-in keyboard, a separate USB keyboard, a separate USB mouse, and the KBR1 plugged in simultaneously and it lost it’s little mind. Unplugging some things fixed it.


When this happens you should also check the power settings for USB ports. Low power modes will fail to supply enough power and the kbr1 just browns out and cycles over and over.