KBR1 not transmitting

I just got my implats installed a couple days ago and was about to try out the KBR1 that came with my order but I can’t get it to read. I tried the diagnostic card and couldn’t find any frequency. It makes a beep when it is plugged in and my computer is recognising it as an interface device. Is mine defective or am I just doing something wrong?

If the diagnostic card doesn’t light up when you hold it against it it’s broken I guess.

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Which implants btw?

I’ve got an Next in my left hand and a Spark 2 in my right

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And thanks lol, I figured such so I guess I’ll just order a new reader

I totally forgot:

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Press the orange help button on the shop site, DT will want to look at the broken KBR and likely gibe you a new for free.

Thank ya! I just reached out on the site, hopefully I’ll hear back soon

can i have the dead one… for…


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Sure, they didn’t ask for the malfunctioning one back. DM me details for shipping