KBR1 troubles (my fault)

Just to be clear I figured out my problem already, but I spent a solid 20-30 minutes trying to get my KBR1 and my ACR122U to scan my vivokey spark and wasn’t having any luck. Even went to the trouble of disassembling them to get that extra few mm closer to the antenna and see how it was routed/shaped.

As it turns out I hadn’t bothered to read into the tech specs on the ACR122U before buying it (the KBR1 came bundled with my chips). Being a first generation spark the chip is ISO 15693 and thus not compatible with either of the two readers I have for the computer. No trouble getting them to scan on the phone though so I know the spark is good.

Anyone know of a relatively inexpensive card reader I can use on the pc (preferably as a keyboard wedge like the KBR1) to scan my gen1 spark?

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