KBR1 typing too fast

Would there be a way to slow down the typing of the reader, it isn’t entering my serial number correctly.

Using Xscreensaver and Arch linux (btw)

First time I have heard of this.
Does it do it in all USB ports?

yes, the reader only prints one key then presses enter. This only happens on the screensaver, all other apps get the data perfectly. It just seems to like lots of delay between presses.

I’m probably going to switch lock screens if there is not a way to make the typing slower, the fact that it doesn’t like the reader really kills it for me

fixed it by switching my screensaver, though I’m still curious if you can configure a KBR1 like that

Not as cheap as the kbr1

But fwiw you can adjust the typing speed of the wave ID nano I use, but it’s 150-200 bucks so that’s probably not appealing