Keep it calm get chipped

Hi there,

It’s done. First chip is inside. (xNT)
The chip doesn’t work yet, I hope it’s normal.
There are many different story’s about the working directly after implanting.! (Hope must be wait)!

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It could happen, that you wouldn’t get a reading after implantation. Just wait. it could be the swelling and the plaster.

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Now I can read him when I get the case from my phone. Hope after a few weeks it’s working better!

Next step I want to skip my bank card and transfer it, so I can pay with my hand👊

You cannot store your bank card or pay with an implant. Yet. When that time comes it will not be with an xNT implant, it will be with something more suitable and secure.


You probably should have checked practical limitations and regulated your expectations before getting chipped.

On the plus side there is still plenty of useful things you can do with it :slight_smile: welcome to the borg.


this also a dream from many of us, pay with the hand :heart_eyes:

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Just a note here… the angle of this injection looks like it is probably depositing the chip a bit deep into the tissue.

It might just be the way the image was taken, but the red angle appears to place the implant deep into muscle tissue. The fact the injector is being held with the hand under the assembly means also gives credence to the idea that the angle is off. Since the skin of the hand rises up over the muscles, like the gently sloping rise of a small hill, the needle appears to be boring a hole straight through like carving a tunnel into the side of a mountain.

Was this installation performed by a professional?

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ai is that a problem?
i hear the chip popup after a few weeks?!

No professional installation, learn by youtube :slight_smile:

it might be… it may cause scar tissue to build up in muscle, which is generally not good… might cause pain, reduced range of motion, or it might not be a problem at all. Another potential issue is migration. Being in muscle, it could move around and never “settle”, always just floating loosely in your hand… or, you might not notice any problems. The only other issue is the distance between the chip and reader is greater because there is more tissue between, which may cause some readers to have a hard time talking to the chip.

Not likely :frowning:


:slight_smile: hahaha sorry… i’m being feisty this morning :slight_smile: