Knife edge questions

Considering either a flex em or a xEM in the knife edge of my left hand

Pros cons?

Worried about feeling it / abusing it if I lean on my knife edge

Flex range is better Id be annoyed if the xEM was picky enough to make it difficult to read that would suck

Knife edge seems like a more natural presentation gesture motion

How is pain for flex implant? I wasn’t going to give the x series implant a second thought, but scalpel work is a bit more intimidating … not scared but that will involve some psyching up I expect

Recovery time?

Migration is a concern I’m suprised how many threads there are about x series migration

Would the flex move more or less?
I’m assuming less but until I hear from someone smertier than me it’s an assumption

Your hand would have to be a very strange shape to fit a 20-42 mm disk in it… You are talking about the thin edge of hand under your pinky finger right? Like the crosshatched area in the below photo? No way it would fit.

EDIT: I thought the post was about the new jumbo flexes somehow. An xEM would be ok there.

That WAS my thought, thought it was a standard thing


Knife edge for flexEM probably not great because its not massively flexible and that area does need flex

I am very sorry I think I was thinking about another thread while writing my reply and got confused. I mentioned 42mm as I was thinking about the flexMT and flexNExT.

Now I am thinking straight and we are on the same page… The xEM should be fine yes! Plenty of pepole put x form factor implants there. As for the flexEM, despite the name it is not flexible at all afaik and you should avoid putting it somewhere that you may apply tension to the edges, if you put it in the knife edge it will basically be balancing over the bone, pushing on one side ill push the other up and potentially cause issues.

I wondered if you were referring to the flexnext…
Side note where are people implanting that?
Half interested

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Mainly the back of the hand and wrist is what I have heard. There has been a lot of chatting about it on the Discord server recently.

The knife-edge, for some of us, is reserved for a genuine payment implant - i’d recommend that. Knife-edge is more suitable for thin, needle install compatible flex devices.

Going to put it on top of my left hand, should be fine there… I hope :wink: