L0 or L3 for the NExT implant help with the choice

Hello friends!
I finally had time to install my NExT.
The question arose: in what place on his arm to implant “L0” or “L3”?
I want to get an answer based on the experience of using different implantation points - by experienced cyborgs!))
And also my choice will be influenced by the possibility of damage to the implant (in different places of implantation) and the proximity of the passage of venous capillaries (for me they are very close to the surface of the skin and are visible in the photo). Is there a difference in the healing process and soreness. As well as implant migration

I have an L1 L2 L4(flex)

I think it’s L123 are great locations and don’t get enough love

L0 is good for interaction with phones, but doors and wall mounts… is a bit of a contortion

L3 is easier for wall or flat mounts

Just try sticking your non cyborg hand to wall readers and you’ll see what I mean

It’s worth mentioning, I didn’t do a next in L3 because I was trying to alternate lf and hf to maximize locations

I’ll admit my L1 sits kinda weird on or near a tendon or ligament or something…but only when I make a fist, when relaxed it fits better, but it’s not a big deal it just some getting used to

Just take some extra time trying to map out your bones and ligaments with your installer


I have my NExT Chip on the L0 position and I haven’t had any complaints.

Like @Eriequiet says, L0 is good for phones and easily manipulated readers, but if you are trying have a mounted device read your chip, you may need to contort your hand for it to get a read.

Your best bet would be to reflect on what kind of devices you would be using to read the chip, and mimic the motions you would have to use to read the chip, then pick which one was more convenient/comfortable.

In my case I picked the right hand L0 because 90% of the readers I would use it on could either be moved to a better position (like a phone), or would line up perfect with my right hand (badge scanners on hallway walls). The other 10% of readers are used too infrequently to care about, or I have a different solution.

In regards to healing / damage, I can’t speak for L3, but my chip in L0 healed nicely and I’ve banged my hand around quite a bit (I use firearms and a pistol grip rests around the L0 point), the chip still works perfectly fine after multiple range days.

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