Led package enserbing!

So I order the most advanced blue led package with the promarx I’ll be making a video when I enserb the led and xem into my forehead. Should be fun watching me enserb my own implants. All the fun faces! Lol. So promarx? Where do we begin with this project? I just got a laptop so I can experiment this should be fun. I have a wpm I’d in the forehead already a 7mm animal Marx. But I’ll be enserbing a led and xem with underneath it the xem should be going in right about the brow. Give me about a week once I receive the package I’ll be making a video and uploading it to the website. Michelle I apologize about the hassle and all the emails. Your a peice of work you probably get a few of those every week maybe not! The faces I’ll be making when enserbing are xxx rated probably Soo parental advisory is suggested! Lol.

As far as I recall, you will be the first to install in the forehead, we have joked before for a payment implant, and somebody else was considering a TiTAN in the forehead and there are some other facial implants, but nobody has ever done what you are suggesting that I recall.

Personally, I don’t know how practical it will be, plus you won’t see the LED, but it sounds like you only want to see the reactions anyway.

Well you have already done one there, but I would still recommend a professional to do the installation for you.

Whatever you decide to do, just try and keep a minimum 5mm separation between implants (maybe more, since there may well be alot of mobility on the forehead, but most importantly
you want to keep separation of the glass implants from colliding)

As I am sure you are well aware, the skin is very thin on the head and bleeds very easily.
Either way, good luck with the I stall and look forward to the photos/video.

At least the xEM and xLED have been through very rigorous testing, unlike the animal tags, so they will be safer than anything else you decide to put there.


If you get stuck, just reply back here and somebody SHOULD be able to help you through the setup.

Yeah, very observant of you Michelle is a fucken legend, There are even a couple of threads dedicated to her and Dangerous Things Inc.

Here’s just one


Can someone email me a list of the promarx videos in order? Thanks. I decided to do the xem above the I’d 7mm and the led 7mm below it.

I don’t call computers computers I call the devices wordprocessors so if I even connect my forehead to the wordprocessor it’s more like a thing of worshipping the Lord seeing wordprocessor in gematria is the same calculated number as Jesus of Nazareth. So I try to keep a positive mind on my shoulders. What were some of the jokes on the wireless payment enserbs? If you don’t mind lightening up the mood with some comedy lol …

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And you are right I believe… I believe I am the first to install a enserb in the forehead… I enserbed it first one into the forehead then into the hand… the reason I like the forehead idea is because when ever I bow down I like to think about it as I’m worshiping the word processor (Jesus of Nazareth) so I like to keep it positive. In scriptures it says that the angel of the Lord went out with a link horn writing the name of the Lord and sealing his servants on their foreheads… my I’d is like 900500021777042 a very symbolic number. I like to keep it all in holiness and upright.

Can the vivo key and the led and xem under go an MRI test? Jw… Because if I ever need to get one done I’d like to know before hand thanks…

From what I’ve heard, the only implants that could have issues with MRIs are the magnets. Titan and xG3. You should be fine otherwise. The rest of the implants have too little metal in them to cause issues. It still wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring up your implants if you need an MRI though

thank you much for the input. so its basically step for step on the pm3 should be easy enough to set up i dont think ill have any problems. so then tracking says that it will be here on the 8th, so get ready for the enserbs in the forhead on a video lol should be pretty fun.

Maybe a stupid question but what’s an enserb?

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I think it’s meant to be *insert" … It sounds like the plan is to install into the forehead.

OK great thanks. I thought so but wasn’t 100% sure. “implant” would be a better choice, I guess.

Given that they are @anon88765236 inserting an implant in a serb might well be inserbing or enserbing


I just thought it’d be clever to call an insert an enserb lol that’s all. I guess it’s a new technical term. Anyways fellas I believe package is in I just woke up from dreamn now I’m bout to go check the mail. If so there should be an installment video in a few hours at most.

Nevermind different package. It’ll be on the 8th

How long does the blinky stay lit for?

For as long as it is harvesting power

There should be some videos in here to give you a better understanding

I decided I’m going to enserb the led insert into my forehead and the xem into my left hand…

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