Left or right hand?

Getting a next implant today! But I failed to consider. Which hand? Left or right?

I’m right handed so thinking maybe left hand?

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What are you planning to use it for?
One consideration for you, I have my NeXT for access, I live in NZ so drive on the left; therefore to enter/ exit the carpark I reach out the drivers window on the right hand side to swipe, which is why mine is in my right hand.
At a pedestrian door, our access controls are on the left or right depending on whether in/out etc so this means either reach out, or across.

Food for thought


I went with left. Seems like it’s a good idea to use the less dominant hand


Hey @Pilgrimsmaster, I’m in nz too and looking at my first implant but want to find someone to implant it before I order, any chance you know a reputable place that does implants in chch?

P. S. Sorry for the derailment of your thread

Mate all good pretty generic thread anyway.
I’ll PM you.

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I decided to do left hand.

I usually use my right hand to hold things, so if I and carrying a bag of groceries for example, I use my left hand for unlocking the door.

Also, I’m right handed


Same here. Migh help in the healing process as well when you use the non dominant hand.

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